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Fixed Hydrocarbon Gas Detection System



Fixed Hydrocarbon Gas Detection System is mainly used to monitor, display and warn hydrocarbon gas density in the easily concentrated area on Tanker, Chemical Tank and

Liquid field Gas Carrier, Offshore, Oil Production, Platform, etc...

Meanwhile, realize communication with upper devices.


• Alarm state: 10% LEL (main alarm), 5%LEL (prealarm, adjustable), failure alarm
• Voltage: Main AC220V/AC110V; Back up DC24V
• Signal output: RS485
• Measuring range: 0-100%LEL, 1-100%V/V
• Power: 10W
• Accuracy: ±5%LEL
• Alarm type: Audio-visual alarm

Hydrocarbon Gas Detector



Hydrocarbon gas detector (hereafter named sensor) transform the lower limit percentage (%LEL) concentration of combustible gas to 4~20mA output standard signal according to the proportion relations. Its operation and display is through our RDQJ Hydrocarbon gas detection and alarm equipment. When the concentration of a gas reach or exceed the alarm set value, the monitoring
system sends out audio-visual alarm, reminds the operator, and avoids exploding and severe accident.

Hydrocarbon gas detector which recognized by the
explosion-proof test organization (NEPSI), and must
conform to the both relevant regulation of GB3836.1-2000
〈Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres---

Part 1: General requirements 〉 and GB3836.4-2000〈
Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres---
Part 4: Intrinsically safe type ‘i’〉.
The detector is mainly used in the ships place, also widely used in domain such as petroleum chemical industry,rubber, leather, metallurgy, environmental protection or fire prevention.


Detection object : Hydrocarbon gas in air
Detection mode : Spread sampling
Detection principle : Semiconductor(2years old)
Working Voltage : DC24V (12~26V)
Consumption : ≤1.2W
Detection range : 0-100%LEL
Output signal : 4~20mA
Measurement accuracy : ±3%
Explosive-proof grade : LEL Intrinsically safe type
IP code: Response time : IP54 <30S (90% respond)